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      Katy Orlando

        Hello fellow advocates
        Family and client want to transfer to another facility. Client is on Medical floor due to injuries and is currently on a 5250 14 day psychiatric hold. Facility told family she is safe to transport to another facility and the hold is not an issue as they can remove the hold? (My mental health patients’ rights brain says this is an issue: If you can just take her off, then she doesn’t meet criteria to be on it)
        Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
        I know this does not sound accurate for a variety of reasons but, lets just say that the client REMAINS on the hold: I would think transport to another facility can not happen due to client having Danger to self as hold criteria. The facility is not going to be liable for that correct?

        Has anyone ever had a client on a psychiatric hold (5250) transfer to another facility of their choosing?
        Thank you in advance for all you do!!!

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