There’s nothing easy about healthcare. As a healthcare insider, you know that all too well. It’s been rough for nurses and other clinicians. Many are just DONE. Burned out. Ready to call it quits.

But instead of throwing in the towel, YOU want to find new ways to help people. You want control over your time – and your life. You want to use your hard-earned expertise to do good.

If this sounds like you, patient advocacy may be the answer.

Many patients struggle to navigate the healthcare system. They’re lost, confused, and overwhelmed. They need someone to guide them through their healthcare journeys. You can be their guide – and we can help you make that transition.

APHA’s Preceptorship Program is specially designed to provide nurses and other clinicians with a smooth on-ramp into the practice of patient advocacy.

Who should participate

This program is designed for nurses and other clinicians to facilitate a smooth transition into patient advocacy. If you’ve been in clinical practice or served as a care manager, discharge nurse, utilization reviewer, or other clinical or planning role, this program will help you bridge those experiences to your new role as a patient advocate.

If you want to jumpstart your career in patient advocacy, this is a great program for you. Preceptors are seasoned nurse mentors who have been in your shoes. They speak the same professional language and share common training and reference points.

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Program Overview

APHA’s Preceptorship Program combines formal online coursework with one-on-one training. As a participant, you’ll be paired with a seasoned nurse advocate for personalized coaching, mentoring, and guidance. Participants leave with a solid foundation in patient advocacy principles and practices and how to apply their clinical expertise in an advocacy role.

The three-month program includes:

  1. Online learning – Nearly 20 modules on the practice and business of patient advocacy
  2. Live instruction, mentoring, and support – 12 live (virtual) sessions with a seasoned nurse preceptor to review course material, address participant goals and questions, and review real-world client scenarios 
  3. Patient advocacy textbooks – 3 books by Trisha Torrey, patient advocacy pioneer and founder of APHA

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Program Paths

*Payment plans available (50% upfront, 25% at the start of Month 2 and 25% at the start of Month 3)

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Path 1 - Independent PracticePath 2 - Guided On-ramp
Right for you if:You know you want to start an independent practiceYou know you want to provide advocacy services but not start or run your own business
Includes all the Preceptorship Program components PLUS:APHA Premium Membership

  • Free and discounted patient advocacy training courses on Practice Up!
  • Networking opportunities with other professional advocates and care managers
  • Programming to stay current on trends and business practices
  • Opportunities to contribute to the APHA blog and access to media requests and speaking opportunities
  • Templates and resources for planning, launching, running, and managing an independent patient advocacy practice
  • Listing in Umbra Health Advocacy Directory as an Umbra Associate (if and when you’re ready)
  • Access to patient requests for help

Umbra Associate Membership

  • All the benefits of APHA Premium Membership
  • No need to have your own company (you work with Umbra as an independent contractor)
  • Errors and Omissions insurance coverage for clients you serve through the Umbra platform, if you qualify
  • Eligibility for client matching through Umbra Health Advocacy
  • No need to have your own website
  • Listing in Umbra Health Advocacy Directory as an Umbra Associate (if and when you’re ready)
  • A dedicated seat in our HIPAA-compliant practice management system
  • Additional discounts on patient advocacy training courses through APHA’s sister site, PracticeUP!


MONTH 1: Patient Advocacy Introduction

  • Online Coursework: Targeted modules on patient advocacy foundations, ethics, principles, and best practices
  • Live Sessions: 4 live (virtual) modules to review course material in the context of individual participant goals and objectives

MONTH 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Advocacy Work

  • Online Coursework: Targeted modules on business basics and the strategy and operational aspects of launching a patient advocacy practice 
  • Live Sessions: 4 live (virtual) modules to review course material and address individual participant practice needs and questions

MONTH 3: Putting Theory into Practice

  • Live Sessions: 4 live (virtual) sessions to review real-world situations and challenges

Want more mentoring after the formal program ends? Book time with your preceptor for weekly or monthly check-ins and live support. Additional fees apply.

What past participants have to say

Participating in The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA) Preceptor Program offered me a refreshing perspective on patient advocacy that transcends institutional constraints. Under the expert guidance of Lori Schellenberg, my preceptor, I found a mentor who not only shared her extensive knowledge and expertise but also tailored her approach to my unique background. In addition, Lori helped me to translate the coursework (both online and textbook) into tangible actions, putting patient advocacy principles into real life scenarios.

Lori is personable, knowledgeable, compassionate, humble, and brings the world of patient advocacy to life during weekly 1:1 sessions. Her extensive nursing background, patient advocacy experience, business acumen, creativity, and unwavering passion for patient advocacy makes for the most ideal preceptor. If you’re ready to take patient advocacy to the next step, whether through business, independent contracting, or any variation of professional pursuits, the APHA Preceptorship Program will prepare you with the tools to achieve that!


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Meet your Preceptor

Lori Schellenberg, RN, CCM
Lori Schellenberg has more than 40 years of nursing experience, including more than 20 as a Nurse Case Manager. Alongside her extensive professional experience, Lori served as a patient advocate for both her parents for more than 30 years. She became her parents’ primary coordinator, communicator, and educator regarding their medical care. She attended appointments, communicated with family members and physicians, ensured everyone was clear about treatment options and recommendations, and helped her parents understand and make medical decisions. Inspired by this personal experience and informed by decades in the nursing profession, Lori founded Stepping Stone Patient Advocacy to help others navigate the complex healthcare system. As a Preceptor in APHA’s Preceptorship Program, Lori helps other nurses and clinicians transition into patient advocacy practice. Because she’s set up her own practice and works with clients herself, she can offer real-world insights, guidance, and expertise to help you get on the path to your own success in patient advocacy.

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