Add Your Photo and Manage Your Connect! Member Profile

(Note: Premium +ADL members – this profile is not the same as your AdvoConnection Directory profile. They are unrelated. The Directory profile is for benefit of the public who are searching for you, and is located at AdvoConnection. The profile described here will appear only on the APHA Members Connect! discussion forum.)

One of the best benefits of participating in APHA Members Connect! is networking – sharing your information with others and finding others to connect with, too.

The best way to network is to complete a Connect! profile. 

Here are the steps to do so.

  1.  Find your profile.  Simply navigate to any page in the APHA Connect! forum, and scroll your cursor over the many grayed icons you see. You’ll see that each one is paired with an ID which may appear with the icon, or may be found on the lower left corner of your browser. Find yours and click on it.


2. You should see a page with that same icon, larger, and to the right of it @YourUserName.  Directly below you’ll find the word “Profile”. Click on it. AFTER you have clicked on Profile, you’ll see your name and just above your name you’ll see Edit. Click on it.

3.  Go ahead and fill in whatever information you wish to share with others.  Also notice, you can choose who to share the information with by clicking on the word change:


4.  Add Your Connect! Profile Photo:  Choose “Change Profile Photo”

The best size for your photo is 150 pixels x 150 pixels. You can upload it by dragging it onto the page, or by selecting it from your computer. You will be able to crop it if it is larger (just drag the broken lines until the photo you want fits), but if it is smaller it will just look blurry. If you have trouble sizing it, send us the photo you want to resize and we’ll send it back to you for uploading.

(If you can’t get it sized correctly, please email your photo to us. We’ll send it back sized correctly for you so you can add it to your profile.

That’s it!

Now return to the APHA Connect! Forum pages and you’ll see your photo in the Who’s Online at the right. Anyone who clicks on it can connect with you or friend you if you have shared the appropriate information.

Questions?  Contact us:

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