PracticeUP! Introducing Online Courses for Advocates and Care Managers

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February 2019

Starting and growing a successful advocacy or care management practice requires so much knowledge, and so many resources. Business skills, advocacy background, resources… While APHA provides support for so much of what we need to know, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to learn it all.


  • APHA might give you an overview of public speaking – why it’s important, and the major steps to making it happen. But how can you learn how to master those steps?
  • APHA might suggest you develop a newsletter for potential clients, but just how are you supposed to develop it, and where do you get the content and email addresses you need?
  • APHA might explain about why contracts are necessary, but how do you actually talk to a client about a contract, and convince them to sign it?

Enter – a new website, launching in early 2019, that will provide you with online learning: courses you can take online, that will teach you step by step how to accomplish those necessary tasks, and how to develop those necessary skills for building the advocacy practice you have planned for. We’ll talk about the courses being developed, the teachers who will be involved, and the marvelous cost benefits for APHA members (many courses will be free!)

Trisha Torrey, founder and director of APHA, and the developer of PracticeUP! will be our guest.

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