PracticeUP! for PACE Members

PracticeUP! logoPACE members of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates are invited to take courses through our sister site, PracticeUP! Online.

PracticeUP! is all about instruction and learning, offering online learning, in-person Bootcamps, and weekly Trisha’s TIPs. (All APHA members are invited to register to receive Trisha’s TIPS in the mail.)

Find Bootcamp information below.

PracticeUP! Online Courses

Important Note:  PracticeUP! is a different site, and requires different login credentials from any of the APHA sites. We are related, but we are not the same. When you sign up and register for your first course, you will be asked to supply your email address, name, and password. You may use the same ones as APHA, but don’t expect the PracticeUP! site to recognize them until you’ve signed up there, too.

PACE Member Benefits and Coupons (Web Courses)

(Some courses may offer CEs for Patient Advocate Certification.)

Now that you have your coupon code, return to the PracticeUP! Site.

Note!  You may take the Pandemic Course (paid) to receive CEs at no cost.
Do NOT use your Basic Level course discount since that will mean you “lose” one of your three free choices. Instead, use this discount for 195 Pandemic! course and earn 2.5 CEs toward your BCPA certification (which includes .5 Ethics)  

Watch your weekly APHA Agenda for updates on new courses as they roll out.

PracticeUP! Bootcamps!

From time to time PracticeUP! schedules weekend Bootcamps – in person experiences allowing a small group to come together to learn about the business of advocacy.

APHA members are offered large discounts to save on the cost of registration for Bootcamps.

Bootcamps have been postponed indefinitely. All APHA members will be updated as we know more.

We invite you instead to attend APHA Academy: the online version of workshops and bootcamps.

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