How to Make Sure You Get Email from APHA (General Guidelines)


Updated: October 2019

(If you use AOL, Verizon, or Yahoo, link here for specific instructions)

To “white list” an email sender means you are telling your email application (like gmail, hotmail, outlook, verizon, comcast or any other) that you want to accept email from that address;  you do not want it identified as spam.

Most email applications will automatically white list an address if that sender’s address appears in your Address Book or Address Directory or list of Contacts. 

So here are general instructions for adding our and AdvoConnection email addresses to your address book or contact list:

  1. Log in to your email account or open your email “client” (program – like Gmail, Outlook,, Comcast or others.)
  2. Find your address book, list of contacts or addresses. (Using Mac OS X click on Mail > Preferences > Rules > Add Rule)
  3. Look for the word ADD, or a + sign. 
    Then add the following: 
    (optional) First Name:  APHA
    (optional) Last Name:  Member Services
    Then this APHA email address: 
    Then click on SAVE.
  4. Repeat for the following addresses – all of which we use for APHA:
  5. A shortcut to make it easier:  if you use a *  with the domain then it will accept email from any of the email addresses used in that domain. 


Should you have a question about email, please contact us at 

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