Problems with AOL, Verizon, and Yahoo Email Addresses: How to Make Sure APHA Email is Delivered to You


(If you do NOT use AOL, Verizon, or Yahoo, link here for general instructions.)

Please Note:  We no longer support AOL, Verizon, or Yahoo email problems including non-delivery of email. 

All three of these email providers has a reputation for arbitrarily bouncing email back to the sender whether or not it is spam.

Like thousands of other businesses, both AdvoConnection and APHA run into occasional problems delivering email to AOL, Verizon, and Yahoo addresses.

If you use any of these providers, and you don’t receive your APHA Agenda newsletter (or any other time you suspect you have not received your APHA email), contact us and we’ll resend.  But if your email bounces back to us, we will not follow up.

For that reason, we ask you to either provide us with a different email address, or to follow these steps to “white list” us – which may (or may not) improve the chance that APHA email will make it through their filters.

  1. Log in to your AOL, Verizon, or Yahoo account.
  2. From the main email page, find MAIL OPTIONS at the top, click on it, and choose ADDRESS BOOK from the options.
  3. From the Address Book page, choose ADD at the bottom.
  4. Add this information in the spaces shown below:

    First Name:  APHA
    Last Name:  Member Services
    for these APHA addresses:

    Then click on SAVE.

  5. AOL provides some additional advice for making sure you get email from the people you expect to receive it from

Should you have a question about email, please contact us at

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