Earning Continuing Education Credits (CEs or CEUs)

APHA members who must maintain certain licenses or certifications do so by earning "continuing education credits", also called "CEs" or "CEUs" (the U means "units.")  Some medical professionals earn "CMEs" (Continuing Medical Education Units).

BCPA: Board Certified Patient Advocate

The BCPA certification is earned by advocates who pass the exam given by the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

To maintain their BCPA certification, APHA members may earn CEs by taking courses at a discount at APHA's sister site, PracticeUP!Online (online courses). When a course listed at PracticeUP! lists the availability of CEs, it means that course has been pre-approved for a specific number of CEs, which varies according to the course.

APHA also offers free CEs for some of our Expert Call-ins and Webinars. They are not listed on the PracticeUP! site, but can be found among the Master List of Podcasts and Webinars.

Other Certifications

Hundreds of certifications, and therefore the need for CEs and CEUs are available and appropriate for advocates. Included are certifications such as

  • CCM*
  • CSA*
  • CMC*
  • CSWCM*
  • and others.

If you need to earn CEs or CEUs to maintain these certifications, the team at PracticeUP! Online will help you with the material you need to get those credits or units approved. Learn more at the PracticeUP! Online site.

*These certifications are also accepted when applying to be listed in the AdvoConnection Directory.




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