Need to Update, Reset or Change Your Email Address or Password?


lockFrom time to time members wish to change their personal information including anything from their email addresses, to passwords, to directory-listed members who want to make changes to their AdvoConnection Directory profiles.

Change Your Email Address

There are 2(3) steps to changing your email address:

  1. Send us an email from your new address with CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS in the subject line to:
  2. Change it for this MyAPHA Membership site - by returning to your Dashboard > Manage Your Account (on the right) > scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find your profile. You can change it there. Don't forget to hit SAVE. (You'll also see a link for changing your password - see below.)
  3. Premium +ADL members (only) - if you want to change your email address in the AdvoConnection Directory, go to your dashboard > MANAGE YOUR DIRECTORY LISTING and follow the instructions from there to edit your profile.

Change, Reset, or Update Your Passwords

Follow the directions above for email address changes, choosing the password options instead.
Note: you do not need to follow #1 - we do not need to be notified that you have changed any of your passwords.


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