How to Stop Receiving Email from APHA

All email sent from APHA has an “opt-out” link at the bottom. That link brings you to this page.

Do not fill out the form below unless you want to stop these emails.

If you simply want to change your email address, use these instructions instead.

There are four kinds of member emails we send you. You may stop all of them, or just some of them.

  1. APHA Agenda – our weekly newsletter which keeps you up-to-date on all things advocacy. Fill out the form below to change your status.

  2. Special Announcement emails like media requests, workshops, or deadlines. Fill out the form below to change your status.
  3. Membership related emails with updates on your membership renewal. You will receive these several times in the month prior to your renewal date. Fill out the form below to change your status.
  4. APHA Connect Discussion Forum emails that list conversation topics and replies (digests: daily, weekly, monthly). Here are the instructions for changing the frequency of digest emails.  If you prefer to stop them from arriving all together, please opt-out of APHA email from here.

Fill Out this Form to Stop Delivery of
APHA Agendas, Special Announcements, and/or Membership Renewal Reminders



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