With a Nod to Dr. Phil – How’s That Workin For Ya?

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With a Nod to Dr. Phil – How’s That Workin For Ya?

True confession here – I am not a HUGE fan of Dr. Phil’s. However, in the early years of his TV show I used to watch on occasion and felt like he made some great points about the choices we make and how we live our lives…. Here are some of my favorite Dr. Phil-isms: No matter how flat you make a pancake, it’s still got two sides. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. That dog don’t hunt. Opinions are like asses. Everybody’s got one! And then there’s the one I find most applicable to decision-making, when things just don’t seem right and I’ve come to a crossroads… Just how’s that workin’ for ya? During the past few months, facing one specific difficult decision, that saying has rung in my ears many times. Eventually, just this past week, it resulted in a big change for the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates too. How? Based on feedback from our membership, we learned that our members were looking for some capabilities we didn’t have with the Forum we had established at LinkedIn, that we were never going to have at LinkedIn, and so we went in search of a new solution. We found one. So in January we moved our networking Forum to a new location online. It turned out to be a huge undertaking with many hours and dollars invested both by APHA and by our new vendor.  Over the next few months they were wonderfully attentive, constantly tweaking the interface to make it more usable for us…. It should have been the perfect solution. There was only one problem.  That is – members just didn’t make the shift to our new space!  It didn’t matter how well we had “improved” our capabilities, it was like we had built a big new home with newly decorated rooms (not to mention the pool out back) – but everyone kept going “home” to the old home. No matter how beautiful and glorious the new one’s potential was, the old one still felt comfortable. As I think about it – it makes perfect…

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