What Do You Want to Learn?

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What Do You Want to Learn?

While many independent advocates and care managers spent their holiday time either celebrating, spending time with their families, and/or putting out fires for clients…  I’ve been right here at my desk during the holidays, preparing for THE LAUNCH. It’s been SUCH a long time coming…many years, really. Certainly not because the will wasn’t there, nor because the technology wasn’t available. I plead only the lack of enough hours in my days along with a few conflicting priorities (like completing the launch of patient advocate certification, and rebuilding the AdvoConnection profiles site, and moving 1200 miles!)  Those aren’t excuses. They were realities. But now these new efforts have (finally!) moved to the TOP of my to-do list…  all to the benefit of advocates and care managers who want to improve their knowledge and skills in the many areas of building successful practices… So what required so much effort? Introducing PracticeUP! Online Online learning opportunities for you! In all these years of working with advocates, one consistent message has come through loud and clear. Many advocates want access to online learning because: Online courses are quick Online courses can be inexpensive Online courses are ready when you are Online courses are à la carte – one skill or piece of information at a time Online courses can be revisited as necessary Online courses don’t require expensive travel… Voila!  PracticeUPOnline.com The site consists of two main sections: 1.  Courses Over time, dozens (hundreds?) of courses will become available, taught by advocacy and care management’s best and brightest teachers. At the launch, later this month (January 2019), several free, sample courses will become available to everyone including Is Certification Right for You? Best Practices for Naming Your Advocacy or Care Management Practice Understanding the Allegiance Factor … plus other courses to be launched within the next few weeks including our first “big” course about the basics of client acquisition and marketing. You’re invited to submit ideas for courses, too. We hope you will! 2.  Trisha’s TIPS Trisha – that’s me . I’m the author of this blog, the founder of The Alliance of Professional…


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