Ready to Upgrade Your APHA Membership?

The answer is YES!  If…

  • You hope to gain access to additional benefits such as access to contracts. (Find a list of benefit comparisons here.)
  • You hope to list your profile in the Umbra Health Advocacy Directory.*
  • You would like access to additional marketing materials and to participate in annual initiatives like Private Professional Patient Advocates Week.
  • … or for any other reason that will move your independent, private, advocacy career choice forward.

What Does It Cost to Upgrade?

upgrade to premium membershipA first year Premium membership is $289. (Renew annually thereafter for $259.)


If you have been a PACE member for less than your full paid membership, we will credit you with your unused PACE time and subtract that from the $289. (Example – if you joined APHA as a PACE member 4 months ago, you’ll receive a 4-month credit of your PACE dues.)

Further, if you are a member of, or participant in one of the APHA Affiliate Organizations, you’ll receive an additional $30 discount. (Only one discount, even if you belong to, or participate in more than one of our affiliate organizations. Note: Please check the list carefully. Not all affiliated organization members result in a discount.)

How to Upgrade to APHA Premium Membership

It’s not difficult!  Here are the steps.

  • Fill out and submit the APHA Premium membership application.
  • Once we’ve received your application, we’ll do the math (applying the credit and possible discount mentioned above, as appropriate.)  We’ll send you your Next Steps email and an invoice for the balance to pay for your new Premium membership.
  • Pay for your new membership.
  • You’ll receive your Premium Welcome Email – and you’ll have everything you need to keep your advocacy practice momentum going.

upgrade to premium membership

*In order to be considered for an Umbra Health Advocacy Directory listing, you must be an APHA Premium member and meet our listing criteria.  Learn more about the requirements for listing here.


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