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February 2022 Learn about AdvoConnection SEARCH Updates, Reaching Your Target Audience, Time to Update Your Profile.
APHA Agenda (Weekly Newsletter)
May 3 Need to No – Giving Too Much, Sharing Healthcare’s Dirty Little Secrets, Monitor Requests for Help, Extend Your Membership - free!, 5 Star Reviews, join us in the Connect! Forum.
April 26 Follow up from our Expert Call-in: Putting LinkedIn to Work for You and Your Practice, RIP Ramona – With Appreciation for The Lessons She Taught Us, last call for ICOPA, Last call for March Analytics, In the Media, 5 Star Reviews, and more.
April 19 No Agenda This Week
April 12 Meet APHA's new leadership, These 8 Yard Sale Lessons May Improve Your Advocacy Practice, LinkedIn Call-in, ICOPA - coming soon, Feed the Suggestion Box, Client Acquisition: Converting Callers to Clients, Connect & Share
April 5 Follow up: APHA's Giant Step Into the Future!, Upcoming Expert Call-in, ICOPA, 5 Star Reviews!, Monitor Requests for Help, Bravo!, Feed the Suggestion Box, In the Media, and more.
March 29 Read about APHA's Giant Step Into the Future!, Putting LinkedIn to Work for You and Your Practice, ICOPA is almost here!, 5 Star Reviews, Last call for directory analytics, In the Media, Join us in the Discussion Forum.
March 22 Prepare to Help COVID “Long-Haul” Patients (Podcast and Resources available), Sleep Deprivation Spells Opportunity – and Responsibility, Use Your Calendar to Make You More Efficient, Effective, Creative, and Successful, Putting LinkedIn to Work for You and Your Practice, 5 Star Reviews, Certification Exam deadline, join us in the discussion forum.
March 15 The Best Way to Find New Clients, More on the Paralysis of Analysis – It’s All About the “M” Words, Leave Transportation to the Professionals, Expert Call-in - Long Haul COVID Patients, register for ICOPA, 5 Star Reviews, Client Acquisition (Carry on the Conversation), Join us in the Forum, and more!
March 8 Who Cares? Disagreeing with the Grammar Police, Don’t Let HIPPA* Drag Us Down, Doing What You Love Right Into a Hole, Expert Call-in: COVID Long Haulers, ICOPA Registration, Bravo!, 5 Star Reviews!, February analytics, Certification exam, In the Media, the Connect! Forum, and more.
March 1 What’s Wrong with This Picture? Creating Confusion by Sending the Wrong Message, Helping Your Clients Deduct Your Services From Their Income Taxes, Gmail Spam problems, Callin: "Long Haul" Covid, ICOPA Registration, 5 Star Reviews, Monitor requests for help, Teach or Learn, Certification exam, Connect Forum, and more.

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The ORB is APHA’s Online Resource Bank, the premier online location for business development, best practices and advocacy knowledge.

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