Time to Kick Start Your Advocacy in the New Year

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Time to Kick Start Your Advocacy in the New Year

Like most of us, I get quite introspective the first of each year.  Not so much in the making-resolutions sense.  Rather in the “it’s time to get going” sense – after the pause of the holiday season. For 2013, I see big things in our futures of helping the people who need us, and improving their access and outcomes from the healthcare system – no matter whether it’s the American system, Canadian, British, South African or Australian.  (Did you know The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates has members from all those countries?) And in that vein, I’m trying something a little different – combining a benefit for APHA members with an opportunity for non-members. I’ve published a booklet:  10 Important Tasks to Kick Start Your Advocacy Practice in 2013.  It’s full of good advice with that one goal – to bring you out of your holiday funk and light a fire under you. The 10 tasks include some practical, useful business tasks, marketing tasks, and common sense reminders, all with “how-tos” and good resources for making them happen. This booklet will only be available for a limited time.  If you are an APHA member, you will get free access from your Monday Member mail (MMM for January 7 – watch for it!)  You’ll be able to download it as a pdf. You will NOT have access from your dashboard.  I’ve you’ve lost your January 7th newsletter, try linking to it from here (but be sure you are logged in to your membership dashboard or it won’t work.) If you are NOT an APHA member, you may purchase the booklet for (a whopping) $1.49 !  Yes, it’s more than worth the price and no, the 10 Tasks are not geared only to APHA members. They are useful, and doable, by everyone. Here is your link to make the purchase. However – if you are not a member and want the article for free, we’re happy to provide that with your new membership.  Just join APHA and yes, you’ll get it for free.  Get more information about memberships here: http://APHAdvocates.org/membership.htm (C’mon – you…

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