The Rest of the Story X 4

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The Rest of the Story X 4

Channeling Paul Harvey today…. (Don’t know who Paul Harvey is?  Maybe you’re too young, or you never spent much time listening to Talk Radio… Paul Harvey was famous for his radio broadcasts called “The Rest of the Story.” His stories always featured a twist or turn, or something unexpected.) Over the past few months, I’ve blogged about points, lessons, or stories, some of which have interesting follow-up or twists to them. So I’ve put them into one post for you – and thus we’re channeling Paul Harvey. What Happened to Sam? In April, I told you about a good friend Sam, who had suffered a heart attack in the ER waiting room. The point to the post was that his neighbor, Tom, drove Sam to the hospital instead of calling 9-1-1, and we were concerned that Sam might not pull through because he didn’t get medical attention quickly enough (knowing that EMTs could have treated him on the way to the hospital, perhaps preventing the heart attack to begin with.) Sam died just a few days after I wrote the post. I cannot tell you how upset we are, not only because we lost our friend Sam, but because we will always wonder if Sam would have survived and recovered if Tom had dialed 9-1-1. It’s hard to lose a friend. It’s even harder to lose someone to poor decision-making. But there is a silver lining to this story. The loss of Sam has raised awareness in our community about calling 9-1-1, when and why it’s prudent, and even which hospital to to go for which kind of medical problem. I hope you can find a good takeaway from the post, too.  Please share it with clients, friends, and family. Be smart about emergencies. Don’t let any of them be Tom OR Sam. Did We Find a Screen? In May I wrote about the absence of logic and what to do instead when I told you the story of arranging for a screen to use at our APHA Summits in Newark.  I explained that I always take a projector with…


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