The Best 3 Minutes and 16 Seconds You’ll Spend Today, This Week, Month or Year

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The Best 3 Minutes and 16 Seconds You’ll Spend Today, This Week, Month or Year

One of our APHA members* forwarded this video link to me, interested in the idea posed about starting one’s practice before it is perfect. So I watched it…  And watching it was perhaps the best 3 minutes and 16 seconds I have spent on business motivation in a very long time. So I ask you, too, to spend your next few minutes viewing it – then come back here for a few comments…. Standing Out in a Noisy World <tap> <tap> <tap> <waiting for everyone to come back to this post….> <tap> <tap> <tap> OK – so in those few minutes I heard a very young and clearly experienced and knowledgeable Miki Agrawal** sum up the mental approaches and attitudes it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  (I am truly impressed!) Her suggestions, and her approach, are spot on for those who think they want to start and grow a patient advocacy business! I’ll provide some highlights here because they are so valuable. Miki begins by saying that if you want to start a business to make money – forget it. That you’ll only be successful if you start a business with PURPOSE. You can determine whether you truly have purpose by asking yourself three questions: 1.  What sucks in my world? 2.  Does it suck for more than just me? 3.  Can I be passionate about it for a long time? See what I mean?  If I didn’t know better, I would think she was talking directly to those of us who are so very passionate about patient advocacy. It all fits so well. Miki goes on to talk about three important things you must do and believe to make your business work: 1.  You must eliminate negative relationships.  If you have people telling you that you can’t be successful, or that your business will fail, then don’t talk to them anymore about your business. Conversation non grata. 2.  Then – the reason this video was forwarded to me:  “Iteration is perfection.”  You must start somewhere – and you don’t need to be perfect to start. This is similar…

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