Surprising Wisdom from Chipotle Will Make Your Day

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Surprising Wisdom from Chipotle Will Make Your Day

About once every five or six weeks I splurge on Chipotle for lunch. Love it – guacamole and all (Have you tried their corn salsa? Yum.) On my most recent visit, I did something I had never taken the time to do.  I read the take-out bag. That’s right. If you have never purchased take-out at Chipotle, you may not know that there is a great deal of what looks like plain old text on the bag. I had never paused to read it, assuming (uh-huh) that all that text was just promotional in nature – and who has time for that? But I was so wrong!  And today I want to share with you Chipotle’s wisdom, or as they call it, Cultivating Thought – borrowed from well-known authors from across the world. This story, called Two-Minute Alchemy, was written by Paulo Coelho. I share it specifically so you can then share it too – some love for yourself, your growing-older loved ones, and your clients for whom it may apply as well. It starts here:   Link here for the rest of the story….   Save the conclusion to the story for times when you’re feeling as if you aren’t making a contribution the way you would like to, or being recognized for your efforts – an important reminder of the value we experienced, older advocates bring to our clients, far beyond what those who have not experienced LIFE can bring.   (It also explains why there’s a photo of a path with flowers above!) Yes, you can be sure I’ll be reading every Chipotle bag from now on!  (and… mmmm… now I’m craving some of that yummy corn salsa!) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Share your experience or join the conversation! LEARN ABOUT APHA MEMBERSHIP | TWITTER | GOOGLE + | LINKED IN

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