Thank You for Submitting a Review

Thank You for Submitting a Review

Here’s what happens next:

We may contact you to confirm that you are the person who submitted the review.

We may choose to contact the director of the program you reviewed to confirm your attendance.  If we do contact the director, we will not share your review with them. We will only ask for verification using your name and location.

Your review will be added to the website as soon as possible once we have confirmed your participation in the program you reviewed.  The amount of time it will take may be dependent on hearing back from the program director, therefore, we cannot promise a specific time frame.

You will be notified when the review has been posted.

Don’t forget:

1.  Your submission does not guarantee your review will be added to the site.  The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates reserves the right to refuse to post any information submitted.

2. Reviews will be accepted only from current and former students, attendees or members and not from employees or others affiliated with the program. If we ask the program administrator to confirm that you have attended the program you review, we will not share the review itself with him/her, meaning your name and review of the program will not be submitted to the program together.

3. Our promises to you, the reviewer:  If your review is accepted for posting:
a. No edits will be made except to correct spelling or punctuation.  The spirit of your review will remain intact and will be posted “as is.”  

b.Your name, email address, or other identifying information will not be included in the public review unless you have given us permission to do so. 


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