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Meet your SIG Manager, Jennifer Kastner:

(July 24, 2021)

Jennifer Kastner

Hi everybody, my name is Jennifer Kastner, your new Medical Billing & Claims Forum manager. I have nearly 20 years experience working in a wide array of roles within the revenue cycle aspect of medicine. For the past 10 years I have held positions that mainly consisted of coding and compliance for physicians and professional group practices. I hold an associates degree in healthcare management and I’m a certified professional coder (CPC), a certified medical auditor (CPMA) , and also a certified evaluation & management coder (CEMC) . My areas of expertise include medical billing and record auditing, educating medical billers on correct coding, educating physicians and non-physician practioners (NPP’s ) on documentation improvement and coding, and denial management process improvement.

Together, we have the ability to combine our expertise and talents to assist vulnerable patients with navigating our complex healthcare system. My goal is to provide informative tools and information to you so that you can ultimately assist patients with resolving medical billing issues. I’m excited to be apart of this team and I look forward to working with you all.

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