Save BIG Money on Prescription Drugs by Purchasing from Foreign Pharmacies

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Save BIG Money on Prescription Drugs by Purchasing from Foreign Pharmacies

The reality of the cost of prescription drugs in the United States is that prices continue to go up and up, insurance covers less and less, and our out-of-pocket cost requires bigger and bigger pockets. There seems to be no end in sight. We can make all the noise we want, but prices still go up, and up, and up. As many smart patients know, those very high prices in the United States are far higher than prices for the same drugs in other countries.*  For example, the average retail price of Lipitor, a popular cholesterol drug, is $218.51 for a one month supply in the US (3x that for 90 days is $655.53!) But in other countries, like Australia, Canada, Singapore, or the UK, that same 90-day supply of Lipitor can be purchased for $90 or less. That’s a difference of more than $2,600 a year! Granted, many well-known and popular prescription drugs like Lipitor have less expensive, generic versions. And many states have laws that require a prescription be filled with a generic when one is available. But for millions of Americans, there is no generic drug equivalent for the drug they need and have been prescribed. For them – thankfully – there may be a way to save big bucks on their prescriptions by purchasing them from a foreign pharmacy. Now, for those of you who have been around on the internet for the last decade or more, I hear you.  You’re thinking “No! Those foreign pharmacies are scams! Cialis! Viagra! Xanax! Etc!” But I’m here to tell you that yes – there are plenty of bogus, steal-your-money, deliver fraudulent or counterfeit goods pharmacies. (I even hesitate to call them pharmacies!) And yes, we have to be careful. But there are also dozens, possibly hundreds of well-respected, good, honest practice pharmacies in other countries that sell prescription drugs to Americans for a fraction of what it costs to purchase them in the US – safely and (mostly) legally – with a few notes: It is true, that by the letter of the law of the US, purchasing drugs in another country then bringing them back to the US, is illegal. However, none other than the US FDA itself has told Americans how they can purchase (up to a) 90 day supply for “personal importation” without fear of legal problems. Here’s how: Purchase prescription drugs in person in…



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