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When patients or caregivers cannot find the help they need from an advocate in the AdvoConnection Directory, they are invited to fill out a form to request an advocate contact them instead.

Find a copy of the request form here.

You are invited to contact the people who submitted these requests to see if you can help them.


If you believe you can help someone who has made a request, we invite you to submit the form below. 

Before you fill out the form, please read the FAQs about patients with unmet needs.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Patient Requests

A. Where do patient requests come from?
If a patient or caregiver has conducted a search on the patient directory site and has not been able to find an advocate, navigator or other assistant who can help him or her, then they are invited to fill out the Request Form to see if we can locate someone to help them.  
B. How many patient requests may I ask for at one time?
The form allows only one request at a time, although you may fill it out more than once to make extra requests, of course. We will fulfill up to three contact information requests per advocate per day.  If you send more than that, we will choose randomly from what you requested and delete the rest. If you still want the ones you did not receive, you’ll need to resubmit them.

C. How frequently do you update the patient requests?
Every morning (by 10 AM eastern time) we add the requests that came in from the day before.

They stay on the list for at least 3 months, when we remove them. 
D. Why wouldn’t a patient have found my listing in the search to begin with?  Why would I find a listing in the unmet needs request if it’s someone I can help?
There are any number of reasons this could happen, such as: they may have made the initial search and request before you were a member, or they may not have searched for exactly what they need.  Technology doesn’t always work correctly, even the entry of zip codes and other information doesn’t always work the way it should.

One of the main reasons we offer this additional assistance to patients is to help make the right match — whether we do it through the use of technology, or plain old eyeball comparisons – we maximize the chances patients will find you — and you will find them.
E. Why won’t you release contact information to members who aren’t listed in the directory?
Our goal for the AdvoConnection Directory is to provide to patients and caregivers the names of advocates who are already experienced and in the business of helping them. Premium members have already been vetted In order to be listed in the AdvoConnection directory; specifically they have their professional liability insurance in place, and have demonstrated that they are ready to help.  Members who are not in the directory have not yet had to demonstrate a track record or preparedness to help. Therefore, they are not eligible to participate in this aspect of membership.
F. I have additional questions about how this service works.
Please contact us at:  info@aphadvocates.org

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