APHA Premium and Premium +ADL Membership Application

Congratulations on taking the next step in your patient advocacy journey!

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Once we receive your payment, your application will be complete. You’ll get all the information you need to access your new membership.

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Find the application form below.

Things to Know:

  1. Once you submit this form, follow the prompts to pay. Once you pay, your application will be complete
  2. A Premium / Premium +ADL membership costs $289 for the first year and $259 each year after that.
  3. Your membership auto-renews unless you cancel before the renewal. You may cancel in your membership dashboard.
  4. Submission can take up to a full minute. You do not need to click on SUBMIT more than once.

Before you fill out this form, see if you are entitled to an Affiliate Discount. If so, then you will be supplied with a different application link. It will look identical to this one! But the discount will be built in when you get to the Payment page.

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