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Renew Your PACE Membership

  1. Fill in the form below. Be sure to supply the email address we use to contact you through APHA. (Not sure which email address we use? It will be the same one we use to deliver our weekly newsletter, APHA Agenda. Still not sure? Ask us: )
  2. Pay for your renewal. Information will be on the next page.
  3. Watch for your confirmation email.

We’re pleased you want to retain your membership 🙂 

Want to make your life easier AND save money? Click the green button below and switch to auto-renewal for $89/year. You’ll save $29 every 12 months. PLUS, current PACE members can save an additional $30 on your first year when you set up auto-renewal (use code AUTO30). You may cancel in your membership dashboard before the next renewal date.

Think you’re ready to upgrade to Premium Membership? Learn more here.

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