Recognizing Private Professional Patient Advocates

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Recognizing Private Professional Patient Advocates

This is it!  Private Professional Patient Advocate Week (PPPAW)  is recognized this week, March 11 to 17, 2012. It’s a time to  help patients and caregivers learn the many ways they can benefit from the assistance of private patient and health advocates and navigators. This year there are 21 people participating as featured advocates on the special website developed for them.  They have shared stories about their successes, and we invite media to contact them and interview not only these fine advocates, but the patients and caregivers they have helped, too. A sample of stories: A man who contacted one advocate on behalf of his brother, a disabled Vietnam Veteran with PTSD and substance abuse problems. A grandson who lives in New York City needed help for his grandmother in Tampa, Florida and called upon an advocate who could provide peace of mind for the entire family. A career woman who met with pain, short-term memory loss and other troubling symptoms and could not get a diagnosis, until she contacted an advocate who helped find the right answer – multiple sclerosis. A gentleman who was enjoying a cruise with his children and grandchilden,when his health deteriorated to the point where the family needed to call in help during the vacation…. This advocate flew to his bedside at an island hospital to help him get the medical assistance he needed. … and many more great stories… In each case, these advocates are finding that their attention to the details of their clients’ stories, their ability to listen carefully (beyond what most providers have time for, their knowledge of the health care system and ability to work around it) their great problem solving skills and creativity, and mostly, their passion for helping these folks who need their help so desperately – all of it is paying off.  It’s win-win for the patients, their caregivers and the advocates, too. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the Private Professional Patient Advocates Week website. Learn a great new metaphor for the work we patient advocates do. And pass the word to…

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