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We are happy to provide you with your statistics, pulled from Google Analytics, reflecting how many times your AdvoConnection Profile page has been viewed in the previous month.

Note:  Stats are not available until the 5th of the month following the stat month. Examples:

  • After the 5th of March, you may request your February stats.
  • After the 5th of September, you may request August stats.

We cannot provide your analytics past that following month, nor can we provide them for a shorter or longer period of time. (These stats are pulled by hand so we ask you to help us keep the requests efficient.)

Having trouble finding your profile listing?  It’s easy.  Do a search for yourself!  The link you need is found when you click on VIEW.  Then copy the web address in your browser’s address bar.

To receive your individual stats, please make your request here:


  • Please do not request stats until the 5th of the month (or later) for the previous month.If you request earlier, we will hold your request until after the 5th of the month.
  • Stats will be available through the end of the next month only. You have approximately a 25 day window for each request.



Learn more about using your analytics: 



Assessing Your Profile Analytics

There is no exact science to interpreting these numbers no matter what someone tells you!  However, here are some points to keep in mind:

The total number of Profile visits, and whether or not your profile page gets a visit, is affected by many things ranging from how many advocates we have listed in the Directory, to the capabilities and geography of the people listed, to the time of year and the weather. 

Some examples:

The number of advocates listed in the Directory does not vary much. We boast a 98% renewal rate. So while we may lose one person in a month, we might also gain two or three. However, as we increase in numbers of listed advocates, we usually see an increase in total profile visits.

How does that affect you?  If you live in a more rural area and you serve people in person, then you will not have as large a population seeking you as someone who lives and works in a large city.  Or, if someone finds exactly the person they think can help within their own geography, then they may not need to search you out if you are in a different geography. Also, the more niches represented by the listed advocates, the more likely someone is to hone in on the person who can help them with that one particular problem.

More generally, we find that holidays and good weather have a negative influence on our numbers of profile seekers. Traditionally, the busiest time of the year has been January through March. Major holidays will tamp down the numbers of visitors, and once Spring rolls around, the good weather will depress the numbers a bit.

But the truth is, people get sick or injured when they get sick or injured, and those problems don’t occur by any sort of calendar, unless they are related to the weather (more heart attacks from shoveling snow, for example.)

We only raise these points to help you keep in mind that there may be reasons outside your control that your analytics vary. For example, if your numbers take a hit in December, it won’t be about your listing; it will be because of the major holiday season. And if your numbers begin to soar in January, you’ll need to realize that in addition to your marvelous Profile, it’s also ‘that time of year’ for many people accessing the Directory.

Are You Tracking Visits Yourself?

You may have a tracker, including Google Analytics, on your own website, and you will find it has very little correspondence with the numbers you get from AdvoConnection. It would be almost impossible for them to be the same. In fact, it would be highly unusual for you to see those numbers correspond except that they either both go up, or they both go down.

For one thing, you should have your web address listed in many more places than just the AdvoConnection Directory, so people are finding you in many other ways: through your own website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), through any advertising you’re doing, public speaking, even handing out business cards at church. Further, when someone lands on your AdvoConnection Profile, they may check out your website – or they may not. After all, they can call you, email you, or send you a notice right through the AdvoConnection website without ever checking out your other web properties.

Wish to Improve Your Numbers (or Quality) of Profile Visitors?

Your goal should be to increase your site visits to the extent you want to increase the numbers of potential clients who contact you*. Only you can determine how many people you want to hear from, how frequently you are contacted, and what kinds of questions they will ask or services they will request, and that control will come through your own information in your profile. You may have to constantly tweak your profile to get the results that work best for you.

If you want to slow down the pace at which people contact you, then you’ll need to take the following advice backwards – because our advice is all about improving the quantity and quality of contacts!  (If you plan to take some vacation, or have too many clients you’re working with, we can always put your Directory Profile on hold. Just email us: )

There are a number of steps you can take to attempt to increase the numbers of people who choose your profile. These steps should improve both of ways they find you:  through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and through the Profile Search itself.

1. Be very familiar with the Basics of SEO = Search Engine Optimization.  Learn how titles, keywords and phrases work, then implement them.

2. Do yourself a favor. You can make search engines like your AdvoConnection profile listing better if you link to your profile from your own website. 

3. On your Analytics report, you’ll find listed the top three visited Profiles for last month.  Take a look at them to see how they have used SEO to improve their chances for being found.

4. In the advice we gave you when you first added your Profile, we had some information about maximizing your keyword usage. Check out that advice, then review and possibly change your keywords.

5. Ratings / reviews are Profile visit gold! With few exceptions, the most visited Profiles have a handful (or more) of client ratings. If you don’t have any, or many, on your site, then go back to people you have helped, send them the link to your Profile page, and ask them to submit a testimonial for you.

6. Do you work in other geographies beside your own?  Or do you offer more services than the ones you listed?  Learn how to add listings to increase the number of people who find you:

7. Of course, the most important step you can ever take isn’t part of your Profile page at all.  It’s the extra marketing you do to help people do a search for you online. Then, of course, when they do that search, if your Profile page has been optimized, they’ll find it.

8. Additional Resources – great advice for upping your numbers:

Take our email course: Creating a Winning Listing to Attract More Clients – one idea at a time.

* How many is enough? In February 2018, we hosted an Expert Call-in about Screen Client Calls for Success. Our guest expert, AnnMarie McIlwain, shared some real numbers from her practice to show the conversion from the numbers of site visitors to actual contracts. Find the podcast and resources for this Expert Call-in here.

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