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APHA Agenda (Weekly Newsletter)
September 15 Follow up for 2 Expert call-ins: Guerrilla Marketing, and Combating Burnout, Growing Your Practice, Discussion the Cost of Service with Clients, Long Term Care Ombudsman, APHA Ask-Me Masks, 5 Star Reviews, join us in the Connect! Forum
September 8 Babbling Will Get You Nowhere, Chutzpah! Know When It Crosses the Line, How to Deal with Resistant Providers, Guerrilla Marketing Expert Call-in, Combating Burnout, Register for BCPA exam, Overcoming Objections course, Bravo!, and join us in the Connect! Forum
September 1 Stealing Not Allowed, Whinery, Guerrilla Marketing (next week), Burnout (Next Week), Overcoming Objections, BCPA exam, last call for APHA Academy, 5 Star Reviews, Members in the News, and more.
August 25 myAPHA site work is complete, Red Flag Report, A Second Opinion Isn't Good Enough, Guerilla Marketing, APHA Academy, 5 Star Reviews, Members in the News, new course: Overcoming Objections, and more.
August 18 No Agenda this week.
August 11 Confessions of a Failure,Teaching Your Clients to Fish Starts by Leaving the Rod and Reel at Home, Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Advocates and Care Managers Will Love,
Connect with Anne, APHA Academy Registration, 5 Star Reviews, Members in the News, and more.
August 4 Aging and Alone? Who Will Hold Your Hand Through Healthcare Challenges?, You’re Not Charging Enough, and It’s Hurting Our Entire Profession, Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Advocates and Care Managers Will Love, APHA Academy Early Registration ends this week, 5 Star Reviews, Congrats to new BCPAs, Bravo, July Directory stats, and more.
July 28 No Agenda this week.
July 21 Podcast available: Improving Competencies in End of Life Discussions, Henry Ford, Mary Kay, Success, and Patient Advocates, Fall Call-ins, APHA Academy is Launched!, 5 Start Reviews, Certification schedule, June directory stats, and more.

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Link to the ORB - Online Resource BankThe ORB is APHA’s Online Resource Bank, the premier online location for business development, best practices and advocacy knowledge.

Our knowledge centers include:

  • Client Services, Cost, and Research
  • Legal &Ethics
  • Insurance for Your Practice
  • Marketing, Web Marketing, Promotion
  • Pricing & Financial / General Business
  • Best Practices
  • Networking & SIGS
  • Education & Certification
  • Opportunities
  • Tools & Technology

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