apha-peopleRenewing Your APHA Membership

Information for Current Premium +ADL Members

We hope you've enjoyed taking advantage of a range of membership benefits, from our APHA Forum (great discussions!), to the Teleconference Expert Call-Ins (and links to podcasts afterwards), to APHA Agenda newsletters, mondayand of course, your listing in the AdvoConnection Directory where patients and caregivers search to find you.

We look forward to another year together!

Here are your options for renewal:


Keep the same Premium +ADL Membership you have now (or had in the past)

This is the highest level of membership we have, giving you access to every benefit APHA offers including your listing in the AdvoConnection Directory.

Your renewal price is only $259.



Become a Directory Only (DO) Member

A DO membership is specifically for practice owners who have at least a 3 year track record of successful practice, have their liability (and/or E&O) insurance, have an outside web presence, and no longer wish to take advantage of the expertise of APHA's advisors, Expert Call-ins, APHA Connect! Discussion Forum, or other benefits.

•  A Directory Only listing is $135 for two years.

•  You can compare benefits among the memberships here*.

•  You can renew as a Directory-Listed Only Member here*.

* Please note - if you have had a Premium listing in the AdvoConnection Directory and plan to renew as a Directory Only member, it will require a new application, and the listing will not be as extensive as your Premium listing has been. Learn more about the differences.
Of course, should you have questions about any of these options, please contact us for more information.   info@APHAdvocates.org

We look forward to your renewed membership in The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates!