Political Controversy: We Are Being Tested Once Again

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Political Controversy: We Are Being Tested Once Again

I’m a political being and a news junkie. Can’t help it. It’s in my blood – literally – because both my father and grandfather (Dad’s father) were journalists, both avidly interested in politics. In fact, Grampa’s beat was Congress for Gannett Press in Washington, DC. (Reginald F. Torrey) See? I come by it naturally. Which is why the news of last week, the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s actions, is painful to me. Now – do NOT get me wrong.  It’s not painful because I do, or do not, disagree with it! That’s not it at all. It’s painful because, as a business owner, I know it’s in my own best interest, and in the best interest of my business, to keep my opinions to myself. That is NOT easy for me! I meet many other advocates with political interest, too. I believe the reason is, that at our core, with very specific ideas about what is right vs what is wrong, leads us to intense interest, especially during these past few years. Thus, today’s topic and reminder. I’ve written about this before – the need for us as practice owners and business people to keep our politics to ourselves. Becoming publicly vocal about one’s beliefs on politically controversial issues can lead to a loss of business. I’ve taken heat for this recommendation, too! Readers have disagreed, saying it’s their duty to be vocal. And while I understand their reasoning, and I respect them and their opinions, I will continue to state emphatically KEEP POLITICAL CONTROVERSY OUT OF YOUR PRACTICE. I actually have a little more history on my side since the last time I went out on this keep-your-political-opinions-to-yourself limb. There have been a few examples of business people mixing their political beliefs with their businesses that prove my point about the business damage that can be done: Papa John – for whom the pizza company is named – took sides in the kneel-vs-don’t kneel politics of the NFL. He was ousted from his own company, and Papa Johns is still trying to regain market share. Many people who…


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