apha-peopleRenewing Your APHA Membership
Information for Current PACE Members (including Trial)

We hope you've enjoyed taking advantage of a range of membership benefits, from our APHA Forum (great discussions!), to the Teleconference Expert Call-Ins (and links to podcasts afterwards), to APHA Agenda newsletters, our APHA Advisors and more.

We look forward to another year together!

Here are your options for renewal:

renew pace membership

Keep the Same PACE Membership You Have Now (Or Step Up from a Trial Membership)

This is membership you have had for almost a year. It provides you with access to about 75% of APHA membership benefits. It's a great place to stay at the "beginner" level before you step up to a Premium Membership.

Your renewal price is only $49. 

Renew Now 



Step Up to Premium Membership

If you are farther down the practice-establishment road and need access to additional benefits like client contracts, or expanded insurance information, then choose this Premium membership.  It's also the choice to make if you are very close to being ready to be listed in the AdvoConnection Directory.

A first-year Premium membership costs $289. But that can be reduced:

  • If you still have time left on your PACE membership, we will credit you with that time (subtraction from first year Premium dues.)
  • If you work with, or belong to, one of our affiliated organizations, you'll receive a $30 credit on your first year Premium Dues.

Renew Now