Overcoming the Paralysis of Analysis (Expert Call-in Follow Up)

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January 2020

You've joined APHA or another organization. You've taken PracticeUP! courses. You've earned your BCPA. You've met with your attorney and have your contracts ready to go. You have a website ready to go live....

But you just can't launch your new practice. You keep coming up with other things you need to do instead, or barriers that prevent that big step.... Like quitting your day job. Or taking another course. Or asking more people if it's a good idea. You wonder if you know everything you need to know.

Does this sound familiar? And if so, what will it take to actually get your practice going?

The description used for this sort of procrastination is Paralysis of Analysis. You just get too far into your head and you're afraid to take the plunge, so you don't. You postpone... and postpone...

It should not surprise you to know that you are in the majority of almost-advocates - and for good reason. Starting a new business is scary! Spending the time and money without the confidence it will pay off can be overwhelming. Worrying about whether you can really be successful is... well... paralyzing!

Where will your new clients come from? How will they know to hire you?

How can you be sure you can help them. Or - what are you supposed to do if you can't?

What if you fail? Or - what if you succeed and don't have enough time to help everyone?

The Paralysis of Analysis is the elephant-in-the-room of so many almost, not-quite-ready, need-some-confidence advocates - and its time we address it. When you don't launch, then your dreams are dashed, and patients miss out on getting the help they need. It's lose-lose - a no-win situation!

This call, led by Trisha Torrey (APHA Director) will provide you with some usable advice and concrete steps to help you get past your paralysis so you can launch your practice with the confidence required. We'll look at what those mental barriers are, and we'll discuss strategies for overcoming them.


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