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April 2019

In the old days, it was simple. The doctor wrote a prescription. You took it to the pharmacy. It was filled, and handed over to you. You took it home and followed the directions. It probably didn’t cost you a cent as you left the pharmacy.

Today it’s rarely that simple! That prescription may or may not be the best choice for you, so before you even fill it or begin to take it, an entire analysis must be done. Is it the right drug? Is it the right class of drugs? Is it too new? Or even affordable? Are there better choices, including less expensive choices that will suffice? Does insurance make them more affordable? Or possibly less affordable?

Enter Needy Meds, the premier non-profit organization that helps make the right prescription drugs more affordable – and so much more. Our guest expert, Rich Sagall, MD, founded NeedyMeds more than 20 years ago to provide one centralized location for folks who wanted to learn more, and find more affordable, prescription options.

APHA members – indeed all advocates – need to be educating their clients about NeedyMeds’ services. From discounted pricing, to prescription drug information, to objective resources for diagnosis – drug information – NeedyMeds is a trusted, and robust resource.

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