My Junna Client / Practice Management and APHA

A Benefit for APHA Members

November 2020

Learn more about combining your APHA membership with your My Junna subscription – watch this video!

Take advantage of the My Junna special through January 1, 2021!

  • No set-up fee.
  • No payment until January 1.
  • Two free form additions (typically only get one free form, additional forms typically $50 per page as a one time fee)
  • Use this code when you sign up at My Junna:  APHALOVE2020
Alliance - My Junna- APHA

Ask for YOUR pricing !

To get started (and take advantage of this special offer):

Begin by asking for your getting-started price, which is based on the date your APHA membership will renew. 

Ask for YOUR pricing ! (Includes the explanation of how we do it, and the amount of money you can save.)

Webcast (Video and Audio): 47 minutes  (This may be watched online, or downloaded to your computer or device.)


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