Specialized Focus Advocacy Programs

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bulet-purple-lgSpecialized Focus Patient Advocacy Programs

These programs run the gamut from business advice, to graduate degree programs, to health policy and programs focused on complementary and alternative medicine.

bullet-green The Aging Life Care Association™ (ALCA)Formerly known as the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, the Aging Life Care Association provides support to those who work with individual patients and caregivers through education and professional development.

bullet-gold University of Arizona College of Nursing – RN Patient Advocates
Experienced clinical RNs can participate in this learning intensive to become independent RN Patient Advocates.

bullet-goldUC Berkeley Extension Health Advocacy Program
This program is designed for those who may be working in health-related fields, as well as those who are interested in working in those fields. Its coursework covers a range of topics from the health insurance industry, to the continuum of options for patients, plus health policy and ethics.

bullet-goldBusiness Advice can be found through Health Advocate Resources which supports the business of being an independent private professional patient advocate.

bullet-gold The Colorado School of Public Health and Denver Health
The Colorado School of Public Health and Denver Health offer the Patient Navigator Training Collaborative for hospital navigators and some specialized training.

bullet-goldCSA – Certified Senior Advisors
Through a comprehensive educational program, SCSA (Society of Certified Senior Advisors) helps professionals understand the key health, social and financial issues that are important to the majority of seniors.          

bullet-goldThe Graduate Institute offers a certificate in Integrative Health Coaching and Patient Navigation working toward health coach credentialing via the ICF, integrative medicine.

bullet-goldMedical claims, and working with patients, bills, is a career based on the long-time experience of people who have worked (mostly) for insurance companies.  There aren’t educational programs, per se – this career develops over time.  Some states do license medical claims people.  Shy away from any group online that promises you will make a fortune, as long as you send them some money first.

bullet-goldMount Mercy University offers a MSN in Health Advocacy in Cedar Rapids, IA.

bullet-goldThe National Institute of Whole Health offers a Patient Health Advocate Program which focuses both advocacy and the business of being a patient advocate, to be applied in all health care, medical care, patient services and private patient care environments.

bullet-goldNEW! PracticeUP! Online offers online business courses and more, tailored to the learning needs of private, independent health and patient advocates. Many courses are offered for free, or at discounts for members of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

bullet-goldSarah Lawrence College offers the longest-standing patient advocacy degree program in the US.  Graduates work in all aspects of health and patient advocacy, according to their interests. Learn about their Graduate Health Advocacy Program, or their Certificate in Mediation in Healthcare.

bullet-goldThe University of Wisconsin offers two graduate certificates, one for working professionals and non-traditional students, and a second one for its current students who are currently enrolled at UW in another major relating to advocacy. 


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