Asking for Feedback


One of the best ways of knowing if we are doing our jobs well is by asking those we are doing the work for.  The idea is to learn from each experience to improve the service you provide.

When you have completed a task for a patient, or after you have worked with a patient long enough to have established a track record, it will be time to ask him or her to comment about your work.  You want to know a few things:

  1. Did you meet their expectations?
  2. What parts of the work you did were they most satisfied with?
  3. Was there anything they wish was done differently?
  4. Are they willing to write a recommendation for you that you can share with others?

Through the AdvoConnection Directory we invite clients of Premium +ADL members to let us know about their experience, and once we have permission from the advocate, we include the endorsement on the member’s listing page.  More information.

Some advocates simply ask the question and make notes about the answers. 

Still others create a form they can give to their patient/caregiver/client to fill out and return.

Here is a sample letter and form you may use:

Feel free to edit it in any way you wish.  You may also wish to expand upon it to get even more information from your patients. 

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