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Learn Something Every Day

© 2013 Barbara Friedman Today I’m going to brag about my sister – to make a point.  I expect it will embarrass her a little (no intention to do that) but she illustrates something very important – a good lesson for us all. Barbara (Torrey) Friedman, decided a few years ago (2010) that she’d like to learn a little something about photography.  “A little something” has now become a skill that is, simply put, awe-inspiring. And yes, that’s a photo she took two days ago of a real snowflake, one of bazillions that fell in Ithaca, NY where she lives. Think about it. She captured ONE. And of course – it’s unique!  Beyond the fact that no two snowflakes are exactly alike, the photo is – too – uniquely Barb’s. . Yes Barb’s photography is superb. You can enjoy more of it here. And even more of it here – all 1,022 images she has put online so far. So what does this have to do with patient advocacy? I hear from so many people who want to begin work as professional advocates, about half of whom ask the question, “What courses do I need to take?” or “Do I need to be certified?”  And other questions that relate to learning more in preparation for this new career. The other half think they already know everything they think they will need to know. But they don’t. And THAT’s the point here. None of us are ever too old, or too knowledgeable, to learn more. Barb’s pursuit of knowledge and expansion of her photography skills never stops. She is mostly self-taught – not just the use of her camera, but the use of the software that has become her digital darkroom, too. She has also taken many courses – some in person, some online.  She belongs to interest groups and attends meet-ups near her home…. About two years ago, she committed herself to taking at least one photo every day of the year.  To accomplish that, she has taught herself to look at the world around her in very different ways.…

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