Johnny Carson, Game Shows, and a Lesson about Trust

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Johnny Carson, Game Shows, and a Lesson about Trust

Back in the 1950s, into the 1960s, a game show called Who Do You Trust? aired where couples were asked questions, and one had to “trust” the other to answer it (or not!). If you remember the show (some of us do) you may also remember that Edgar Bergen (yes, Candace Bergen’s father) was the MC for the show. However, what you may not remember is that a year or two into the show, Bergen was replaced by Johnny Carson – who often “helped” the couples get the right answers. He helped them – well – TRUST. The irony of this particular game show, one with TRUST in the title, is that it aired during the years of the game show scandals – yes – scandals! The game show scandals were all about cheating, and giving answers to pre-determined winners, and money changing hands in ways it shouldn’t. Perhaps the anti-irony is that this was one game show that did not get caught up in the scandal, and its producers were never charged with any crimes. … which tells us something about how it was run, and how it avoided that broad brush of scandal… and is a lesson for us, as advocates and care managers, who work in a healthcare world that is RIFE with unfairness (at the least) and downright crime (at the most.) We must remain above the fray. We must always behave with integrity, behaving ethically and honestly. We must always be trustworthy. Our clients, and potential clients, must be able to instantly assess that we are those things, so they can have faith in us throughout our relationships. How? It’s really not difficult, but it requires a certain demeanor, a certain way of being and doing (or not doing). It’s about your integrity and character – who you are as a person. What are those character traits that help others know you are trustworthy? Here are a few: You are your authentic self. You never appear to be pretending you are someone you are not, or claiming to do something you really can’t do. You…


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