Is Patient Advocacy Certification on the Horizon?

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Is Patient Advocacy Certification on the Horizon?

The quick answer to that question:  it depends on how far away you define horizon. The more accurate answer to that question:  a definite maybe. The more exciting answer to that question:  yes! And now everyone’s favorite – answering a question with another question:  That depends. Will you get involved? No promises here – but at least a good head start. A notice is being sent to thousands of patient and health advocates and navigators over the next several days, providing them with the status of a new certification or credential-development initiative, and – very importantly – inviting them to participate in the process. That may mean YOU! Here’s where you can get all the information available about this exciting initiative: Why don’t you consider getting involved? As for what exists today? Link here to learn about the status of a nationally recognized patient advocacy certification. • • • • • • LEARN MORE • • • • • • FOR PATIENTS | FOR ADVOCATES | FOR POTENTIAL ADVOCATES • • • • • • • • • • • •  

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