Insanity Is Repeating the Same Behavior…

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Insanity Is Repeating the Same Behavior…

… and expecting different results. It’s a favorite saying of mine, which I used to have posted just above my desk as a reminder that if I wanted to improve my work (or my life!) then I needed to take a fresh look at what I was doing and make adjustments. It’s a similar sentiment to another favorite saying of mine which is: If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Both these sayings came to mind this week as I responded to several advocates and almost-advocates about challenges they were having.  A sampler: One APHA member contacted me because – once again – she had spent an hour on the phone with a potential client, only to have that person say, “Well, thank you. You’ve been a big help.  I’ll call you if I need you again.”  But – no contract. No paid work. Her question to me, “What am I doing wrong?” Another APHA member contacted me because he had been asked, yet again, to help a potential client with a service he didn’t offer.  He wanted to know what he was doing wrong. Should he go back to school?  Or was something wrong with his marketing? A non-member who had applied for membership months ago, but had received a reminder from me because she had never paid for her membership, wanted to know what kinds of jobs I could guarantee her if she quit her job.  She hates her job, but can’t afford to go without one.  She’s willing to send the dues, but only if I could guarantee she would get a job because of it. A PACE member is just an inch away from launching her practice.  Everything is in place, and she has even received a few phone calls from people who wanted to hire her.  But she turned them down because she hasn’t yet paid for her advocacy E&O insurance.  She just isn’t ready….  She asked me what she’s missing. It’s not a huge leap to see why those sayings above came to mind as…

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