Imagine a Friend’s Night Out and Dial-a-Mentor All Rolled Into One

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Imagine a Friend’s Night Out and Dial-a-Mentor All Rolled Into One

You’ve run into a hurdle with your advocacy work. Maybe your client has a challenge you can’t seem to solve for him, or the hospital is standing between you and your client’s medical records…. Or maybe you are just stuck for a good marketing idea, and you know you’ve got an opportunity, you just can’t get your arms around it…. Maybe you have a special interest topic in advocacy, like mental health, or legal mediation, or insurance claims or…. yes, I could go on and on. You need resources – but where can you go to find the help you need?  Where can you find the person with the answer? Where can you find like-minded advocates…. Or sometimes, just when you’re struggling with one business problem or another, where can you go to just talk to someone else who might be able to lend a hand? What if it was a simple as dialing the phone? Well – now it is. Last week we kicked off Pop Up Conversations for members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates – ways to connect with each other by phone, as needed, on any topic of your choosing. Before now, the Alliance has offered two ways for advocates to connect with each other.  We have our regular Forum where you can post (as in, type on your keyboard) questions or statements or can share information and invite feedback.  It works, it’s useful, and topics are discussed over a period of days or weeks. We also host teleconference Call-ins where featured experts speak on one business topic or another and those who have dialed in can ask questions of the expert.  These are planned months in advance, you sign up to participate, and if you miss it – you can retrieve a podcast of the call later. But there was a gap. Not every question or idea lends itself to the Forum.  Nor does every question or idea require an expert or months of planning. And certainly there are questions and ideas that pop up regularly and the perfect answer is to have a…

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