How Does a Patient Choose the Best Advocate to Hire?

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How Does a Patient Choose the Best Advocate to Hire?

I’ve been working on updating the AdvoConnection Directory website because it was time, because search engines look favorably upon updates. And because my not-frequent-enough review of the site’s analytics produced a big surprise! A surprise I’ll share with you here today. To be clear – no changes were made to the actual search and profile areas – those all belong to our listed advocates who make those changes themselves. Instead, I edited and updated the support pages – everything from the homepage to the About Us page to the “how to choose and interview an advocate” page. For some background:  I monitor and track the advocate listing pages diligently (and encourage our listed members to monitor their own – we provide them with stats each month.)  I know people are finding our advocates in the Directory in HUGE numbers (examples: 16,000+ in January and 15,500+ in February, a shorter month, of course). However – true confessions here – as in “do as I say, and not as I do” – I rarely look at the analytics on the basic site pages.Just not something I make time for… although as I learned this week – I should!  Because I was actually very surprised by what I learned. What I found: First, that beyond the profiles, the MOST accessed page is the one entitled, “How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Independent, Private Advocate?”  That really wasn’t a surprise… Found on the other pages is supporting information like master list of services advocates provide, an About Us link, lots of blog posts to help patients become smarter and savvier… So what elicited such surprise? That the SECOND MOST accessed page is the one called, “How to Interview and Hire a Patient Advocate“.  I don’t know why it surprises me… but it does. (Honestly, I expected the list of services to be at the top and it’s not.) More importantly, it made it obvious to me that I needed to point this out to all of YOU, because it informs you of what questions will be asked when people reach out to…


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