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    Gwendolyn Klein


    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone, or are you all, HIPAA certified? I don’t know that it is a must do, but I am going to get my certification. I found a site where I can get a 2 year certification for $29 http://www.Hipaatraining.com. Does anyone else have any suggestions or thoughts on this?

    Thank you,

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    Terry S Merrifield MD


    Here is information from the Health Information Privacy section of the HHS website, posted there in 2003 regarding HIPAA certification:

    “Are we required to “certify” our organization’s compliance with the standards of the Security Rule?


    No, there is no standard or implementation specification that requires a covered entity to “certify” compliance. The evaluation standard § 164.308(a)(8) requires covered entities to perform a periodic technical and non-technical evaluation that establishes the extent to which an entity’s security policies and procedures meet the security requirements. The evaluation can be performed internally by the covered entity or by an external organization that provides evaluations or “certification” services. A covered entity may make the business decision to have an external organization perform these types of services. It is important to note that HHS does not endorse or otherwise recognize private organizations’ “certifications” regarding the Security Rule, and such certifications do not absolve covered entities of their legal obligations under the Security Rule. Moreover, performance of a “certification” by an external organization does not preclude HHS from subsequently finding a security violation.”

    I was not aware that certification services exist, and it sounds like they may be helpful as long as their limitations are recognized. Thank you for your post.

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