Hey Little Girls: Yes, Women Can Be Brilliant!

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Hey Little Girls: Yes, Women Can Be Brilliant!

(To my gentleman readers – please pardon this week’s post. You are more than welcome to read it, of course, and there will be advantages to doing so, but it’s really aimed at the females among us. That will make sense momentarily.) This week’s post comes as a result of three experiences from the past few weeks, all reminders of the necessity of tooting one’s own horn. We’ll set the stage with one of those experiences; that is, publication this week by the AP of this article Little girls doubt that women can be brilliant, study shows Now, I’m a firm believer that headlines are really only intended to suck us readers in – so I didn’t just take the headline at face value.  I read the full article… Unfortunately, and frustratingly, the headline is a very accurate representation of the research results.  And I am appalled.  So much so, that it made me double down on the meat of this post – to be revealed in a moment – and the reason why this matters to us as patient advocates (no matter whether we are male or female.) The second experience was the opportunity to see the movie, Hidden Figures. It’s the movie about the women – African-American women – who were such an integral part of the success of the NASA space program beginning in the 1960s. Unless you’ve done a great deal of reading and watching recently, very few of you had any idea these women were so important to the space race. Even now, I challenge you to tell me any of their names (No looking them up!) The fact that you don’t know their names right away proves the point I’m about to make. The third experience happened during this past week’s APHA Expert Call-in which addressed best practices for developing one’s AdvoConnection Directory Listing (and other marketing, too.)  One of the best practices is to be sure to continually add testimonials to one’s listing or website, because they can be highly effective in helping potential clients see that you’ve helped someone who has similar…

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