Guide – Getting Started as a Private Patient Advocate

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image - Guide to Getting Started as a Health or Patient Advocate

What you can expect from this presentation:

This program is meant to be an overview of what it takes to go into business as a private, independent patient advocate. It's a checklist of sorts - to help you grasp what will be involved, what to look for, what help to seek, and to find resources for each step.

What you should not expect:

This program is not a complete, soup-to-nuts program that puts you into business. Do not expect that it will be the only tool you need to help you get started. It is simply an overview with links to additional resources.


How to access the presentation:

We've developed it in two formats: a powerpoint and a PDF. Find links to them both at right.

Please download your choice to your computer or device - it will make it work faster and won't drain your data or network connection.

There are many links inside the program to provide additional resources and more information.


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