Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Advocates and Care Managers Will Love (Expert Call-in Follow Up)

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September 2020

Once you understand marketing basics – audiences, messaging, and tools – then it’s time to begin letting the world of potential clients know you are available to help them, and how to find you.

Easier said than done, of course! Where do you begin? How do you decide what to do? And then, how do you do it?

Often we look to traditional service marketing tactics like building a website, sending a regular newsletter, doing some public speaking, or running an ad in your community newspaper. They are a great start! But sometimes we need something “more.”

“Guerrilla Marketing” describes more non-traditional marketing tactics; steps you can take to get your target audiences to take notice, perhaps to be pleasantly surprised, and which should, ultimately, make your phone ring more frequently with potential business.

Nancy Ruffner, APHA member, has been in advocacy practice for seven years. When she started, she didn’t know much about marketing, but knew she needed potential clients to think of her when they needed the services she could provide. Today she has a thriving advocacy practice – with a few interesting twists to her approach, and to her marketing.

Trisha Torrey, director of APHA, and author of two marketing books for advocates and care managers, has also employed some more guerrilla-like marketing tactics over the years.

Listen in on this conversation with Nancy and Trisha to better understand the guerrilla thinking process and how to get started with promoting your practice using these more unusual tactics.

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  resources-sm Resources

  • Contact Nancy Ruffner for coaching or other information:
  • Contact Trisha Torrey:
  • Book that started “guerrilla” marketing: Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Contrad Levinson
  • Here is the master list of Guerrilla tactics for your use.  Learn more about them in the audio or video linked above.
    1. Add an email signature
    2. Add a call-to-action everywhere (CTA)
    3. Respond to reporter requests  (HARO = Help a Reporter Out, or through the +ADL Discussion Forum)
    4. Comment on appropriate posts (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, others)
    5. Connect with other professionals (meetings, discussion forums, Facebook professional pages, church, your own outreach)
    6. Ask for testimonials and endorsements
    7. Add yourself to all the directories you can (AdvoConnection, GNA, NAHAC, local ones too.)
    8. Newsjacking!  (share, comment, post to social media, newsletter, make useful comments)
    9. Improve your Search Engine Rank (search from an incognito / private page – search for yourself, access the search terms that allow others to rank above you)
    10. Keep all web presence updated (website, directory listings, Facebook, LinkedIn, others)
    11. Attach a magnetic sign to your car door(s) (your logo, web address, phone – only!)
    12. Co-Promote with Others (complementary services, subcontractors, other professionals)
    13. Set up Google My Business (You’ll need a gmail address – then search for your company name and “google my business”)

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