Gallimaufry: Your Questions, Some Answers, Media and Just Stuff

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Gallimaufry: Your Questions, Some Answers, Media and Just Stuff

  Last summer I came upon this great word – a word I had never heard before, but which can be used in so many aspects of conversation and life!  The word is “gallimaufry.”  It means a hodgepodge, a jumble, or confused medley of things – items, ideas, anything at all. It’s a great word for an advocacy entrepreneur!  It describes the many ideas that come together to define challenges and create solutions, or the many activities it takes to achieve success, or even the creative approaches it takes to help our clients, or help each other.  I’ve even adopted the word for one section of my private blog. And – it describes today’s post, which is a gallimaufry of information for you, inspired by a number of things:  current APHA activities, last week’s survey which asks you to help us determine topics and locations for our 2015 APHA advocacy business workshops, the time of year, current events – yes, a real hodgepodge, jumble or confused medley.  (Why not?) So here you go – today’s gallimaufry: • We’ll begin with an announcement that APHA has a new legal advisor on board.  Steven P. Okey, Esq (Steve) is stepping in while Dalia Al-Othman, who has served in that role for almost three years, takes a hiatus. Steve is an active and knowledgeable patient advocate who has based his work on his decades-long law career plus his experiences with his own family. He can advise on matters relating to the law, policies, contracts and more. You can find more about Steve’s advocacy work at Ohio Patient Advocates, and about his role with APHA here. (Many thanks to Dalia for her years of service… and Welcome Steve!) •  In the same advisor vein, Rick Pugach, APHA’s Medical Claims and Billing Advisor (who also recently stepped into those shoes) – has updated the FAQs about medical billing and claims on the APHA website. Find them by logging in to your dashboard, and linking to the Client Services Center. •  An article in the NY Times this week pinpoints perhaps the most important reason we…

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