Entrepreneur: It’s Not a Dirty Word

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Entrepreneur: It’s Not a Dirty Word

This post was contributed by Linda Adler, Pathfinders Medical, a mentor for those who are building an advocacy practice.   “But I’m not an entrepreneur!” That’s the response I often hear when I first introduce the concept to some of my students or mentorship clients. They remind me that their motivation to be an advocate is borne out of their desire to use their talent and experience to help others, and to provide critical services: not to capitalize on the hardships of others. Granted, those of us here in Silicon Valley probably throw the word around a little too much. And sadly, there are far too many examples of 20-somethings coming up with an idea, raking in millions, only to go out of business a year later. I’m certainly not suggesting that any of you try that, nor that labeling one’s self an entrepreneur is going to make you one. But, starting a business can, and probably should be an entrepreneurial venture: after all, you are creating a new business. So if you can start to think like an entrepreneur, doors will start to open. And clients will come your way. So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur?…



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