Direct to Patients: Frank, Honest, and Motivational

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Direct to Patients: Frank, Honest, and Motivational

In Marketing 101, we learn that we learn that it is imperative to accurately identify our target audiences, then , then develop motivational messages for them about the benefits of working with us. Find the right people. Share the right messages. The blog you’re reading right now does just that: it speaks to advocates and care managers (you! – the right people – our target audience of advocates, care managers, and those who wish to join our profession) to teach them something about their work, and to help them understand the benefits of connection with The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. (Yes, I try to practice what I preach!) Last week we launched a new benefit for APHA members – which helps them do exactly what Marketing 101 teaches. It speaks directly to THEIR target audiences to help those audiences better understand the benefits of working with independent advocates, then help them find the right advocate to work with. OK – a bit confusing – so let me sort it out. THIS blog – the APHA blog – is targeted to advocates and advocate wannabes, members of APHA. Our work is all about providing support to our members. The new benefit to members is a new blog!  the AdvoConnection Blog – and it’s targeted to patients and caregivers, all of whom are potential clients for APHA directory-listed members (the right audience) – to share messages about problems in the healthcare system (because they don’t know what they don’t know), then drive them to the AdvoConnection Directory where they will find those APHA members who can help them overcome those problems. So, how can a blog written for patients and caregivers benefit APHA members?  Let me count the ways: It is keyword and phrase rich, which supports SEO*, which means more people will find the AdvoConnection Directory. If you are listed in the directory, more people will find you. It introduces the hurdles presented by the healthcare system that will either be a warning, or will sound familiar to patients and caregivers – all of which can be solved or improved…

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