Call the Mediator! Finding Help to Resolve Client-Family and Provider Conflicts (Expert Call-in Follow Up)

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March 2021

You may run into these sorts of family dilemmas with your clients. Examples: Daughter is elderly mom’s caregiver and knows it’s time for Mom to move into long-term care, but son/sibling (who lives hundreds of miles away) stands in the way of letting that happen. –or—Second wife (and stepmother) knows its time her husband’s care to be managed by hospice, but husband’s adult children interfere, telling their dad that his wife is trying to get rid of him! Or – provider insists on continued treatment for patient whose family is well-aware he signed a DNR and did not want to be kept alive – or – or – the list goes on and on.

Althea Halchuck
Althea Halchuck

We know family members may have different opinions and ideas when it comes to the care of their loved ones. But most of us have no idea how to help sort out those opinions to help them agree. And of course, the big question is, what does the patient him or herself want?

These scenarios may call for family health or clinical mediation, a specialized service, and one that can create better harmony among family members, and certainly, a better environment for the patient – your client. Providing mediation services calls for a specific skill set and approach. Importantly, mediation is not about suggesting a final resolution; instead it’s about helping the parties involved determine among themselves their best options.

Althea Halchuck, EJD, CT, BCPA, a member of APHA, has provided professional mediation services for over 17 years and now through her practice, Ending Well! Patient Advocacy. Althea will help us better understand the role of mediation in advocacy and healthcare related settings, including aspects such as how underlying conflicts are identified, stakeholders to include in such a mediation, and how to manage the expectations of those involved.

If your practice focus involves families and decision-making, then this is an important call for you. Please join us.

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