“Ask a Health Advocate” Makes Its Debut

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“Ask a Health Advocate” Makes Its Debut

All patients and caregivers have questions for health advocates. Just like they have questions for their doctors, or nurses (or the Internet!), they have questions about navigating the craziness of the healthcare system, or questions about their medical records (or rights to get copies), or about a claim that won’t be paid, or a bill that is higher than they expected, or explanations of treatment options – many many questions that need answers. Sometimes the only way to sort out their challenges is to hire someone to help – thus AdvoConnection’s Directory to help them. But sometimes what they have are general questions that don’t require a contract or handholding so much as they require a quick suggestion or a piece of advice. Or – sometimes there is no advocate who lives in their proximity.  Or – sometimes they really just can’t afford a health advocate to help. Enter a new online service that can not only help these patients and caregivers, but can help independent, professional, private patient advocates market their services, too.  It’s called Ask a Health Advocate. Simply explained:  a patient or caregiver submits a question. It gets posted to the Ask a Health Advocate website. AdvoConnection members answer it, and the answers are published along with the questions they answered. Everybody wins – and everybody is better informed than they were before. Take a look at the new Ask a Health Advocate site.  If you are a member of AdvoConnection, take a stab at an answer.  (There are a few rules and guidelines.) (And if you aren’t a member?  Join us!) • • • • • • LEARN MORE • • • • • • FOR PATIENTS | FOR ADVOCATES | FOR POTENTIAL ADVOCATES  

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